Pro Convection

High thermally efficient oscillating kilns. Convection heating system for low-emissivity glass. Ease of use and maximum operational flexibility

Oscillating kilns for flat glass tempering. Mixed irradiation and convection heating system for low-e glass tempering

The oscillating kilns of the Pro-Convection series come in a range of sizes to meet all production needs. The mixed irradiation and convection heating system allows the tempering of low-emissivity glass for the architecture and furnishing sector.

The Pro-Convection series can be either single-chamber or with pre-chamber. For this solution, the pre-chamber has convection heating while the main chamber has radiant heating.

Technical characteristics

  • Fused silica ceramic rollers;
  • Ceramic roller movement with double pre-tensioned belts;
  • Loading/kiln/ tempering/unloading independent motorisation controlled by inverters;
  • Panel mounted electric resistors with guaranteed maximum durability and stability over time with Greek system;
  • Lower resistors protected by a ceramic support;
  • Power control with SCR on multiple independent areas both on the upper and lower part;
  • Electro-fan unit driven by a motor with speed regulator;
  • Independent vertical adjustment of the blowers;
  • Independent pressure control for each blower;
  • Process management with supervisory PLC and PC;
  • Maximum ease of use and programming;
  • UPS - emergency system that intervenes in the absence of the mains power supply. It automatically allows to keep rollers rotating and expel the glass preventing damage to the ceramic rollers;
  • No protective metal sheet of the lower resistors with resulting energy saving and increased resistor lifespan;
  • Scanner to control the temperature directly on the glass with process data recording and storage, allowing the operator to trace back every single finished workload.

Data sheets

Pro Convection

Useful dimensions Minimum dimension Glass thickness Total lenght Power required Power required pre-chamber Electric feeding
mm mm mm mt kW kW
180/360 1800x3600 150x250 3/4-19 18 350 350 400V/50Hz/3Ph
180/440 1800x4400 150x250 3/4-19 22 380 380 400V/50Hz/3Ph
230/360 2300x3600 150x250 3/4-19 18 400 400 400V/50Hz/3Ph
230/440 2300x4400 150x250 3/4-19 22 500 500 400V/50Hz/3Ph
250/440 2500x4400 150x250 3/4-19 22 600 600 400V/50Hz/3Ph
280/500 2800x5000 150x250 3/4-19 27 750 750 400V/50Hz/3Ph
330/600 3300x6000 150x280 3/4-19 31 850 850 400V/50Hz/3Ph
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