Maximum reliability. Reduced consumption. Ease of use

The TG-IR series is designed for the production of flat glass used in the lighting, sports accessories, optical sectors and furnishing sector

Main Features

  • Fused silica ceramic rollers;
  • Ceramic roller movement with double pre-tensioned belts;
  • Loading/oven/tempering/unloading independent motorisation controlled by inverters;
  • Panel mounted electrical resistors;
  • Lower resistors protected by a ceramic support
  • Power control with SCR on multiple independent areas both on the upper and lower part;
  • Electro-fan unit driven by a motor with speed regulator;
  • Independent vertical adjustment of the blowers;
  • Independent pressure control for each blower;
  • Process management with supervisory PLC and PC;
  • Maximum ease of use and programming;
  • UPS - emergency system that intervenes in the absence of the mains power supply;
  • Optical pyrometer for temperature control directly on the glass;

Data sheets


Useful dimensions Minimum dimension Glass thickness Total lenght Power required Electric feeding
mm mm mm mt kW
35/65 350x650 20x30 3/4-12 4 55 400V/50Hz/3Ph
70/100 700x1000 60x90 3/4-19 4 70 400V/50Hz/3Ph
130/240 1300x2400 80x140 3/4-19 4 230 400V/50Hz/3Ph
130/320 1300x3200 150x250 3/4-19 16 230 400V/50Hz/3Ph
150/320 1500x3200 150x250 3/4-19 16 250 400V/50Hz/3Ph
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