The ease of use and cost-effectiveness of the LAMITECH series

The LAMITECH series is suitable for small-scale production with the ability to increase production by superimposing an additional work surface. The plastic used is an ethylene-vinyl acetate film (EVA) that has no specific requirements in terms of checking temperature or relative humidity.

Specially moulded, tempered or decorative pieces can be produced by interlaying screen printing films or glass windows made of fused glass, or glass interlayed with LCD or LED film.

The construction is sturdy and the steel structure is sandblasted and protected with epoxy enamel.

Main features:

  • cost-effectiveness;
  • excellent temperature uniformity;
  • temperature control over multiple independent areas;
  • efficient vacuum circuit with oil pump;
  • VACUMSOFT silicone fabric with easy closure;
  • programmable thermoregulator with the ability to store up to 30 programs.

Data sheets


Useful dimensions Max. bending rise Max temperature Power Electric feeding Work tops Weight
mm mm kW kg
150/300 1500x3000 250 180 16 400V/50Hz/3Ph 1-2 980
180/360 1800x3600 250 180 24 400V/50Hz/3Ph 1-2 1270
210/360 2100x3600 250 180 26 400V/50Hz/3Ph 1-2 1330
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