Automatic kiln for chemical tempering of glass

Design quality. Manufacturing quality. These are distinctive features of the kiln range for chemical tempering

The chemical tempering process is being used more and more in the architecture, nautical and automotive sectors as excellent optical qualities are achieved in addition to the excellent mechanical qualities.

The glass treated with the chemical tempering process has no visual defects unlike that with the thermal tempering process.

The thermal hardening process (thermal tempering) produces differently tensioned areas in the cross section of the glass. These tensioned areas produce a birefractive effect in the glass, visible under "iridescence" polarised light.

Data sheets


Tank dimensions Min. thickness Power Electric feeding Quantities salts
mm mm kW kg
75 450x700 h-700 0,5 20 400V/50Hz/3Ph 400
250 2500x700 h-1400 0,5 120 400V/50Hz/3Ph 4500
320 6000x900 h-3300 0,5 550 400V/50Hz/3Ph 15500
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